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Purpose of Education  

What is the real purpose of education?

Prime purpose of education is to

a. Instill self-confidence, self-believe & self-respect in people
b. Help people learn how to be happy in life
c. Enable people to set a direction & purpose for life (i.e. what one wants to do and why?)
d. Enable people realize their true potential
e. Enable people build a character and personality that guides them in leading a righteous life

Is Indian or the education systems worldwide delivering what they are meant to?  What are the gaps?

Current education systems are good but not most effective. They are not teaching certain key aspects of life what a person at school and college should learn. There is much scope for improvement. Let’s look at some of the fundamental gaps…

Gap1. There is no emphasis or focus on grooming a child on setting a direction and purpose in life.

Most children at school don’t know what their interests, likes & priorities are. Even if they know they are not choosing a field of their interest and priority. They go with either parents’ choice or some elder’s choice or whatever they find convenient at a particular time without giving it serious thought. There is no focused guidance on how a child should set a direction and purpose in life taking into account their inherent interests & priorities.

Gap2. Not many children know what the true potential of their own "Self" is

Again current education system lacks focus on making a child aware of human potential. They are unaware of their strengths. They are not taught how to effectively cultivate “self” using their strengths to accomplish the goal of their life.

Gap3. Missing emphasis on teaching elements of success, failure and happiness in life.

Schools don’t really focus on teaching children what is success, what is failure & what is happiness.  Children don’t really know what the elements of success and failure are. Children should be taught how to cultivate elements of success, happiness and tackle elements of failure.

Gap4. Today’s education lacks teaching about human mind, the way minds works and how to cultivate mind.

Most people don't understand the resource called mind. Education on what is mind and how it works is missing. Students of today don’t learn enough as to how to protect and manage their mind. Moral science teaches the difference between good & bad, the right &wrong but how to prevent negativity from entering one’s mind is missing. How to deal with the virus (negativity) which is already in the mind is missing.

About Leading Self Education:

Leading Self is a unique, path breaking, interactive, simple and easy to implement education program which addresses the gaps in current education system. Innovative and one of its kind program in the world which helps students in all-round development and growth.

Leading Self education is a reform in the true sense that this changes the way a person thinks, believes and approaches life. Students will be a transformed lot after these sessions.

Successfully conducted 100 plus leading-self workshops covering over 10000 people in India (Hyderabad, Delhi) & US, which includes Corporate leaders, Senior Managers, practicing lawyers, Professors, Principals, Head Teachers, lecturers, Teachers, Medical, Engineering, Management, Arts & Commerce colleges, Higher secondary school (11th & 12th; Intermediate), High & Middle school students from various leading private and govt. schools and colleges.

- Leading Self covers below 5 key aspects in a focused, simple and crisp manner

- Creative Thinking
- Human Potential
- Setting a Direction and Purpose for life
- Elements of Success, Happiness and Failure
- Mind Management (What is mind, How it works, Mental Virus, Antivirus for Mind & Cultivation of Mind)

Major takeaway for children: Before leading-self session, less than 5% of students think they have potential of 10 people. After leading-self sessions, 99.9% believe they have infinite potential.

*Leading Self is the only education program in the world which proves to every student that they are gifted with infinite potential beyond doubt.

Other benefits of Leading Self:

- Instills self-confidence, self-believe & self-respect in people
- Helps people learn how to be happy in life
- Enables people to set a direction & purpose for life (i.e. what one wants to do and why?)
- Enables people realize their true potential by helping students learn how to cultivate mind, happiness,positivity & success
- Enables people build a character and personality that guides them in leading a purposeful & righteous life


1. Leading Self education program is to be implemented as an add-on to the existing curriculum starting at high schools & colleges to enable holistic development & growth of the students.

2. Leading Self education is to be introduced as a program of 12 hours in an academic year. Six sessions of two hours a class each, once every six weeks or so covering 5 topics mentioned with an assessment at the end (i.e. 6th session)

3. Delivery Cadence:

- First 1.5 hours will be aninstructor led interactive session on the respective topic
- Followed by 30 mins student speeches i.e. 1-2 min talks by students on the respective topics
- Home assignments after every session to be completed before the next class
- Course completion certificate will be awarded with grading system after assessments™ team coaches will conduct the session’s and provide below list of items as part of the package

- Leading Self Hand Guide
- Assignment papers
- Course completion certificate
- Leading Self Folder

*The root cause for most problems facing humanity is lack of proper education. Human development is the foundation on which nation’s progress. Without a strong foundation no nation can grow. is not the only way to address the gaps in the current education system but it is one of the things the schools & colleges can look at. It is cost effective, easy & ready to implement solution. Its high time schools, colleges, governments & educationists start thinking about education reforms which can plug the existing gaps and help build nations of peace, pride and prosperity.

* Interested schools / colleges, please feel free to contact Raghu for a demo / to know more about the program.

Feel free to post your comments / suggestions / questions.


Thank you!!

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