• Energy in synergy = Facebook (Evolution of social synergy!!)

    Energy in synergy = Facebook (Evolution of social synergy!!)

    Proved beyond doubt is “Facebook =Everybody =Mark Zuckerberg=You = I = Universal

    Energy” - Theory of Evolution of Social Energy.

    Everybody & everything needs energy and energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes forms? (Physics, Science?) Everybody is everybody with everybody, else everybody in isolation is nobody (no energy?)

    Everybody (energy) can connect with everybody (energy) on Facebook if there is freedom & harmony?Every FB account holder uses air, water, food, clothes, electricity, transport, internet, computers, phones etc. and where is it coming from? (Think? mostly from other FB acct holders & Mother Nature?)

    Facebook= Universal Energy= Creation (Mother Nature) = everything needs everything for creation, sustenance & dissolution? Only creation leads to sustenance>dissolution>creation (cycle goes on and on? who drives the cycle? Energy?? Energy levels may vary but that is the primal force in the cycle?

    Not even one FB account holder can generate energy on their own? Can they? = Without air, water, trees, plants etc. Mother Nature is the producer and humans are consumers? How can FB account holders generate energy without food, water, air to connect to FB?

    Whether an FB account holder eats vegetarian or otherwise, same energy gets generated in everybody? (Blood is red?). Trees / Farms / Crops / Animals need air, water & sunlight without which they cannot create & sustain energy for their produce? Mother Earth needs Air, water, sunlight for trinity - creation, sustenance & dissolution? Air, water seems to be available only on earth, not in Space (Moon / other entities in sky :-)!!

    Everything needs everything? Everybody=everybody? Energy=Energy? Every FB account holder either needs food grains, fruits, vegetables or meat to get energy which comes from mother earth? (directly or indirectly?)

    If you (multiple FB accounts) & I (single FB acct) use FB then there is FB else there is no FB? FB (Potential to connect with more than 100 Billion users) will perish on its own without visitors? Visitors (FB acct holders) are like air / life to FB? If no "You / I" then no Mark Zuckerberg & team?

    Hence You= Mark Zuckerberg=FB team=I=Universe (Proved beyond doubt!!). Let's Congratulate & thank Mark & Team & All others who are enabling humanity first, then you can go ask Mark to share his wealth with you but don't tell my name

    It appears like Mother Nature (food grains, fruits etc.) is producing everything for human consumption without discrimination? *Everything we eat comes from “Mother Earth” directly or indirectly, the forms, colors & shapes may be different (Universal Feeder is Mother Nature?) and when we die, we go back to Mother Nature i.e. the air in us merges with air outside, body in the form of ashes or burial goes back to Mother Earth. Living people don’t accept the dead only Mother Nature accepts both living and dead as the same. Earth, air, water, trees, fruits don’t discriminate!! Do they?

    In this whole universe who discriminates? Only humans? Why? Because most human beings don’t seem to understand the utility called mind though everyone uses it, Why?? Because of “Mental Virus ”? Humans beings these days invest so much on Antivirus for their machines (phones, tabs, PC, servers etc.) but this bound to fail humanity unless there is equal focus for “Antivirus in human Minds”. We run virus scans on the machines regularly but how often are we running that on our own mind? Have you ever tried to read your own mind?

    Unless the schools start teaching about Mental Virus & Antivirus for the Mind, the greatest inventions cannot prevent us from destruction, violence, wars & social disharmony. Facebook is a glimmer of hope for the future generations. Facebook (energy in synergy) can be a one of the greatest enablers in ridding world of “Mental Pollution / Virus” and thus address the problem of Global Warming & Global Disharmony.

    Feel like doing a virus scan in your heads to see where you stand? Try reading your own mind or “The Everlasting Leader” book to know more about “Mental Virus” & Antivirus for the Mind” (you can download eBook from www.leadingself.net by clicking on “Download Free eBook” at the top right hand corner“ or download mobile app "The Everlasting Leader" from Google app store.

    Remember undetected virus in some of us can cause damage and harm to other FB acct holders. Causing harm to others is harming “Mother Nature” & harming our own “Self”. Causing violence to others is violence to “Self”. Even the hardest criminal will not forget good done to him / her (why?). Humanity touches everyone; it’s only the lack of understanding of mind & undetected mental virus which turns them astray. Never stop being human!! The sea of Facebook can dissolve all virus / pollution if all the human mind tributaries are connected.

    Universe in us, us in universe, universe is us, us is universe - In separation / identities /segmentation / division we lose, in oneness we gain. Should we not USE THE FB SYNERGY TO CHANGE THE ENHANCE THE WORLD EDUCATION SYSTEMS? How about putting the synergy of universal energy / Facebook to test? Should you play a part in advocating education about “Antivirus for Mind” at schools / colleges? And the message of universal citizenry & harmony to your friends and to the last person in FB Universe?

    Great difference can be made in restoring the balance of “Mother Nature” with fb synergy. Diversity should complement not contradict or conflict or become virus. Traditions, beliefs, identities, religions, mental virus seem to have held us back but technology blended with heart & social energy can liberate & enable us to become global citizens!! Jai ho Mark Zuckerberg & team, technology!! Talking veils and silence unveils so I will stop talking now and let you reflect on this in silence!!

    FB Universal school , college, university, community can be used to do a world of good!!

    “Our life begins to end the day we become silent on things that matter to us – Martin Luther King Jr.”

    Time and team are second to none

    Do we ever think about all the people and elements which made us what we are today?

    Humans by existence are a product of team work. Eyes, ears, nose, lungs, hands, legs, heart, brain, bones, blood etc. all perform distinctly different functions and yet each one of those is critical in functioning of the body. If heart thinks I’ am the greatest, close your eyes for a minute the best of the heart in the world cannot help you see things. Close your nose and mouth, the best of heart cannot keep you alive.

    Without eyes all your life will be in darkness. To put it in perspective, whatever we learn and earn by virtue of parenting, schooling, college, work and business or otherwise there is a team involved. At every stage of human life there is a dependency on others though we are independent by existence. It’s paradox in itself, that we are independent but yet dependent on a lot of things outside of us for our existence, survival, growth and wellbeing. Air, animals, trees, mountains, rivers, seas they are a part and parcel of our life. Do we have a bounden duty to respect, protect and safe guard them?

    Is there an inherent message from the creator that we must all learn to respect and co-exist with each other despite being unique and different from each other’s, be it human beings, animals, plants or other elements of creation. Can we not say we are only a part of a team called creation and not whole and every element has a role to play in maintaining this system or team?

    Let’s stop by for a moment and see who all helped us in our journey. To start with, we are greatly indebted to our parents and elders for teaching us how to speak, walk, talk, behave, think and eat which are the fundamentals of living. We must also be ever grateful to all our gurus and teachers for external education,be it schooling, college, university or at work, spiritual & religious masters. There are so many contributors to our life but how often do we take a moment to recognize that?

    At each stage of our life there was, is and will be a team or a group of people and elements which will continue to touch our lives. Not just direct but there are a few more indirect contributors as well.Indirect contributors are farmers who produce agriculture products be it related to food or clothing, the military who protects the borders and balances the country when there is an internal crisis, judiciary, doctors, state administration (bureaucrats, technocrats, police, people serving in various govt. & non govt. departments), engineers, scientists, industrialists, business class, working class, people involved in the supply chain who make things available to us, the political class etc.

    they all have played a role in our life and touched our life in one way or the other. Extending the list, there are many other elements like animals, trees, air, water, mountains, rivers, seas etc. who are part of our life, happiness, growth directly or indirectly about whom we seldom think. Though we pay for school, college, clothes we wear, food we eat, the supply chain involved, tax for govt. services etc., does the money we pay end our responsibilities towards them?

    Or do we have a larger role to play in returning their gratitude? If you take the money element out of the equation for a moment, is everyone who contributed to our growth in a better shape or do they need our support to make things better for them?

    *In essence, our life is touched by so many people, elements in so many ways for which we must be ever thankful to them all. Even if you are good at playing all the instruments in the orchestra, you cannot play them all at the same time. Remember, nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved without team work and right timing in life.

    How many times have we expressed our gratitude to all the people and elements who contributed toour living, growth and sustenance?

    Time is, was and will always be the witness to everything we do everywhere. Nobody can deny the importance of things moving at the right time in life. A million dollar can be earned but not a single second once spent. The single biggest difference between successful persons and others is they realize the importance of time and make most of the 24 hours they have every day. People say time is money but it is much beyond money. It is one of the most valuable gifts every human being gets free of cost by birth. *Make your time count in life else your life will have nothing to count at the end.

    *Human beings by birth, existence, sustenance are a product of team work and it will continue to be the same till we breathe our last. Even the final journey needs a team to accomplish.

    The choice is ours to either do something and return a part of the favor or just be ever thankfulthem or simply ignore since we have paid something (Money, Tax, Hardwork, Discipline, Dedication etc.) at each stage to get what we have!!

    Time and team are second to none in our lives. We all are part of a larger team called civil society no matter what we do or where we live. We cannot touch all the elements that touch our lives but certainly each one of us can touch one element and make a positive difference in our own way.

    Should we not make an effort and do our bit to give something back to the team called society or country or universe?