" Next generation leaders are those who are able to inspire a happy, stress-free & playful work culture while enabling people realize their true potential"
" Successful is the person who has no time, place or energy for mental virus (negativity)"
" Birds of different feathers should flock together for creativity and success to happen"
" A life without purpose and direction is a life without a meaning "
" Know your areas of inherent interests, likes and priorities and be convinced "
" Knowing and being self is the basis for happiness in life "
" Find a purpose and direction for your life; when you find it, be 100% passionate and convinced about it and focus all your energies and thoughts on it and enjoy what you do. That is the only approach to success and happiness "
" Choices we make, makes us (good or bad) "
" Knowing and believing in self is the first step to the path of success "
" If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will "
" All negative thoughts are mental viruses which can potentially destroy your life "
" Your mind is your greatest asset and only you can guard it. If you don’t protect, it will become your greatest liability "
" Build your own antivirus for the mind, you cannot buy one "
" No two things in life, either you drive out mental virus or let the virus drive you "
" Think objective, work subjective "
" If you don’t build antivirus, virus will build you "
" If you can’t find an outlet for the mental virus nobody else can "
" No things two things, either you win or the virus wins "
" Building antivirus for mind is a like marathon run or 24/7 football match, play it like your favorite sport and enjoy; health, happiness and success will follow "
" Without antivirus protection, your life will get corrupt and lose direction and purpose "
" Make yourself happy and comfortable before others because it’s easier to extend something to others when you have it "
" Do what you love or love what you because that is the only way to be at your best and only by giving your best all the time, can take to you to happiness, success and greatness "
" All your actions must be guided with right motives to be on the path of growth "
" From a known you can go to unknown never the other way round so be aware of yourself all the time "
" Everything comes with a price, to grow; you must labor and cultivate self "
" To be successful, always be on the path of conscious and continuous learning because that is the only way to realize one’s true potential "
" Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and always operate from a position of strength "
" Focus on cultivating self, fruits will happen "
" Path to success and leading others begins with leading self hence start cultivating “Self” "
" I equals to Infinite in potential "
" It’s not what we have but what we do with what we have "
" No substitute for self-effort, smart work & creativity should complement hard work "
" Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved in this world without sacrifice and a higher purpose "
" It’s not always what you like to do but also what you ought to do "
" Human beings are dependent by existence "
" Human beings are a product of team work by existence "
" Time & team are second to none "
" Judge yourself always and others when must "
" Success is a package not just a few qualities hence start cultivating your “Self” "
" In any situation, there is only 1 choice, take control or get controlled "
" No matter what, situation will change & pass hence give your best always because that is the best you can do and keep walking "
" Don’t become the doer, just do it "
" We all get what we deserve not what we desirehence keep working on the deserving aspect "
" No matter how eager the parents are the baby needs 9 months to be healthy; do not try to grab the fruit beforeit’s ripe; respect the law of time & sequential evolution "
" You cannot control 100% what happens outside of you but you can always control 100% of what happens inside of you "
" Happiness is a choice; learn to be happy and positive by choice "
" Beware of the viruses like laziness, indecision, Inaction, intolerance, indiscipline, procrastination, shortcuts, temptations etc "
" There are no short cuts to success but many to failures "
" Leadership is a package not just a few traits "
" Action is inevitable since our existence (Human body works 24/7) is based on action but the nature of action is our choice. Chose right actions, always "
" We have no choice but to eat the fruits of our actions (both good & bad) "
" Creator cannot teach everyone and everything hence he created gurus; Have the greatest regards for gurus and mentors "
" Guru is the only light which can dispel darkness for life unlike sun or lamps which do it during day and nights "
" Don’t study or work while you play and play while you work or study if you want to be at peace "
" Getting ahead is ordinary but getting ahead taking people along is extra-ordinary "
" Being healthy, happy & positive is not everything but fundamental to everything we do in life "
" Health cannot be outsourced. Give respect and take respect, exercise and eat healthy to stay healthy "
" Take control of your life; learn to be happy & positive by choice ""
" Honesty isn’t the best policy but the only policy "
" If you cannot manager your time, you can never command others time "
" Grow as an individual; try to win self before others "
" Winning and losing is only a thing but playing with right motives and spirit is everything "
" Not just the end goal but the path you chose to end goal is equally important "
" If something is worth doing it, it’s worth giving your best "
"If you cannot give your best in what you are doing, find something else you can "
" Knowing and being self is the basis for winning self "
" Try to win self before trying to win others "
" Your “self” is at the center of your life all the time; hence take care of yourself before others "
" When you learn to take care of yourself, it’s easier to extend it to others. You can only give or extend what you have, not what you don’t "
" Little progress everyday ads up to big results "
" Nothing is impossible for a willing heart "
" Every human being is blessed with infinite potential and 24 hours every day; it’s about believing in that and taking step(s) towards achieving your purpose in life every day "
" Human beings are point in time species; it’s ok to change the direction and purpose when you are convinced in future but always be 100% convinced about the present choice since present is the only gift we have "
" If you don’t respect people for what they are, people won’t respect you for what you are "
" If you don’t tolerate people for what they are, people won’t tolerate you for what you are "
" Approach things with a musical or sports mindset and lose the “I” in the action. “I” in you is the only bottleneck or enabler in everything you do "
" Always do what you love to do the most because that is the only way to give your best and get the best out of you"
"If you cannot give and get the best out of you everytime you do what you do, then you are not doing what you are supposed to do in life"